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Where do you want to die…sorry….live? Journey of a lifetime…..

“When I saw you I fell in love,
And you smiled because you knew” – Arrigo Boito, Poet

It is so amazing that many of us were born somewhere, live somewhere else and often dream to retire or live in a completely different place. To me, it is fascinating, but nothing wrong, as it’s not that we do not love the place we were born and live, but there is a deep desire in our inner self to run away to a place we fell in love when we first saw. In our mind it’s the ultimate destination….may be five years from now or fifteen but we all know we will be there…someday! We think about it often….while brewing the first cup of tea on a lazy Saturday morning, we look at the pictures….or in the streetcar on our way home, and we dream about it before the good night sleep….like a secret affair.



Positano is my ultimate destination. A small village on Amalfi coast, four hours south of Rome, one and half hours from Napoli. It is my love affair! My secret desire! Going to Positano is like foreplay before orgasm….it’s like the sipping a glass of favourite wine in a summer afternoon, while listening to Andrea Bocelli – like a moment of ecstasy. I always splurge a little and hire a car with a driver from Rome or Naples airport as I do not want to waste a single moment. I stare breathlessly at the gorgeous sea with every shade of blue on the right and cliff on the left. The winding narrow road and sun shine of Mediterranean with bikers zooming by I feel like it is truly the road to Paradise. I move close to the window and I see Positano standing in front of me with its endless beauty on the steps of the hill with Mediterranean sea at the bottom. The pastel color apartments, hot pink bougainvillea, the crystal clear sky make my heart skip beats as it says softly…”you are here and I was waiting for you….come and indulge….don’t go back…don’t turn around…”



It is a small fishing village, a major tourist attraction and a shopper’s paradise. From brand to boutique, you will find everything here of the finest quality. The apartments, usually with large balconies, have gorgeous views. I start my day with tea sitting on the balcony and looking at the pallet of colourful residences, smoky hills at the very top and inviting turquoise sea at the bottom.



The lazy days passes by….I start taking a stroll through the winding road under the shades of the thick grapevine down towards the pebbled beach…it takes a long time to reach the beach as I take my sweet little time to look at the shops on both sides of the road…I try the coral earrings, sip a little Limoncello, smell the handmade soap and appreciate the local artists’ works who are trying their best to capture the moments in Positano.


I feel no rush…at some point I reach the beach. I lie down under the multicoloured umbrella and order my pizza….with fresh dough, local pizza sauce and herbs…I look up and I see the church with yellow and blue pattern, I look down and I see pebbles under my feet, I look in the front and I see gorgeous Mediterranean sea, I look around and I see kids playing around with water soaked body…I feel I am in a different world with heaven in my mouth with the melting cheese of the pizza.


Food is taken very seriously in Positano. It’s local, fresh and Italian. Food is just not taste but a total experience. Eating out is often mixed with passionate live music. And even if you decide not to eat out, you can sit with your wine and home made pasta in the balcony and hear the music from the beach. Some days I want to cook just because I want to go to the local grocery store. The fresh cheese, fresh pasta and the olive oil makes the trip worth it every single time.

Time stops here. Nobody has any rush to do anything. You sit on the side of the road and see the scooters go by, kids playing outside, the storeowners arguing about non-existent Positano soccer team…. It makes you realize that enjoying the moment is the most important thing for us, as that’s all we have on this earth…..

Every time I had to leave Positano, I looked back and I saw the people who never had to leave and I told myself…someday….someday, I will be like you, I promise. Sometimes we can keep our promises, sometimes we can’t. But either way, no regret. Not every promise is made to keep, but to try. As one of my favourite poet said “sab pele noshto jibon”…life becomes meaningless when you have everything. We do not need everything, but we do need a dream of something. What’s your dream?



3 comments on “Where do you want to die…sorry….live? Journey of a lifetime…..

  1. Of Wildest Heart (Denise)
    March 30, 2015

    ahh, so beautiful ❤

  2. johnny nge
    March 31, 2015

    I am on my way to the airport for a business trip. How I wish I’m going to Positano instead of… Oh where the hell I’m going now?

  3. Rituparna
    April 1, 2015

    Well said Didhiti….”life becomes meaningless if we get everything…”- kudos!! Keep writing..- Ritu!!

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