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Have you been to Jessica’s Cottage?

I moved to Canada almost 12 years ago and I have seen many of my Canadian friends packing their luggages, loading their cars and heading up north – every summer weekend. I didn’t get it…I didn’t get it at all! How can they go to the same place every single week, year after year? Don’t they get bored? There are so many places in the world to see, how can they commit to one single place? We rented cottages here and there once every summer and we were very satisfied. One of my close friend, Debashish even made a comment that : there is nothing like exploring virgin cottage (virgin to us) every year and I totally agreed. Life moved on……

And then it all changed……suddenly…after one trip to my daughter Sylphia’s friend Jessica’s cottage couple of summers ago. It was just magical! I fell in love with Muskoka. It just went deep down in my heart! I fell in love with driving on unpaved street under the canopy of trees on top, I fell in love with parking my car at the destination and looking at the crystal clean water, I fell in love with having my glass of wine sitting on the dock with a gentle wave, I fell in love with diving in the lake when the sun is on the top, I fell in love with taking my canoe in the middle of the lake and stand still, I fell in love with waking up Saturday morning and having my first cup of tea looking at the water through the trees….and the list goes on!


And now, I want to head up north every single weekend, like many of my Canadian friends! Irony, isn’t it? I am sure the change in my mind is not only after visiting Jessica’s Cottage (as I have been to cottages before)…then what is it? Is it because of HGTV where Sarah Richardson taught us how to build and decorate an inviting cottage, or is it because movies like “my sister’s sister” where you realize how you build your memories and this is your hide-a-way place from the world, or is it because I met Simone in Florence who rents cottages to people like us and shows them the virgin world, or is it because I learned to live like Canadians or is it just because I grew 10 years older?

I guess all of them together and I truly discovered Muskoka (as you know: Muskoka – Once discovered, never forgotten) – it’s beautiful nature – water and rocks, tall trees, inviting cottages, and amazing small towns like Bracebridge and Huntsville – I realized I really do not have to travel half the globe all the time…it’s just 2 hours drive and I can be in a peaceful heaven – all I have to do is find my spot!


I know what you are thinking….can we afford it? Yes we can. There are cottages from 100K to millions! And most of us do not have millions….we just have to find the right number for us and start looking!

So what are we looking for? Here is your top 5.

  1. Lake- big or small? Most important factor – size of the lake really matters…big lakes comes with big price….but you probably do not want a small lake where there is boating restriction. So pick your size! Another most important aspect is that you want unobstructed view of the lake from your property – that’s why you want cottage – right?
  2. Close to Toronto? The closer it is, generally higher price it is. Comparable cottages near Gravenhurst is generally little bit more pricy than further north!
  3. Are you a handyman? It is no brainer if the cottages need more work, you get a better price. It depends on you how much you can handle renovation wise.
  4. How close is your neighbour? You definitely do not want to see your neighbour when you wake up….so acreages is important!
  5. Forgot Milk? Another important factor is how close it is to nearest town. Do you want to drive 45 minutes if you forgot your milk?

If you have more than a million to spend, you get it all…if you don’t you will have to compromise somewhere…so choose your top 3.


Want to start looking? Here is your top 3 before you start.

  1. Talk to your mortgage agent to see how much you can afford
  2. Get a realtor who is born and brought up in the cottage country
  3. Skip the spring season and start in late summer – it will be buyer’s market then

But before that, spend some time in Jessica’s cottage (we all have one Jessica for sure)….you really have to fall in love before you commit! Right?




4 comments on “Have you been to Jessica’s Cottage?

  1. Ipshita Ray
    May 22, 2014

    Beautifully written and the cottage pics are very welcoming too. Yes, we sure know atleast one “Jessica” for sure 🙂

  2. Luna
    May 22, 2014

    You made me want to go to a cottage during this summer… very well written Didhiti.

  3. Johnny Nge
    May 23, 2014

    I LOVE your use of words and enjoy reading them. I was teleported and found myself surrounded by the beautiful nature described. I fell in love and don;t want to come back.

  4. Debopriya
    May 25, 2014

    As always you gave an extremely piquant description which makes readers visit the place again and again.

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