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Is your Big day coming up?

Are you planning to spend a very special day with someone very special in a very special place? I have a great place for you then…..I went, I fell in love, and hope you will too!

It’s Langdon Hall Country House Hotel and Spa! As the name sounds, it is grand and it is in the country. It is roughly an hour drive from Toronto in Cambridge in a thirty acre property! You can stay, you can dine, you can immerse yourself in the spa, you can jump in the pool in summer, you can even play croquet, unless of course it is snowing!

The building itself stands in the middle of the property with a huge open ground in the front. Once you pull your car in, you feel that grandiose like a drumbeat in your heart! It will remind you old British Architecture and will take you a century back. You come out of the car, and the gentle busboy will politely ask for the car key for valet parking. No, there is no extra charge for that, they just want you to feel that you are special and you are here to celebrate!

pic 1

Once you enter the building, you forget your daily chores, your aspiration, your financial spreadsheet and you just want time to stand still for that moment. The open hallway will take you to a living room with a grand Piano and a Billiard room right beside it. Take your time to tour this area. There is a dining room with great decor, a sun room, a cozy patio and you can quickly take a pick at the restaurant as well.

pic 12pic 13pic 10pic 11

The back of the building is actually most attractive, at least to me. It’s a beautiful huge backyard with old trees, a pond with water lilies lazily lying, a statue in the middle with wild grass surrounding….the stone carved path will take you to another building which is the spa – it is what you are absolutely looking for. It’s cozy, intimate and romantic. No, it is not the end of the property (did I mention it is a 30 acre property?) …you keep walking….you cross another interesting architecture of a building with arches and stairs and you will be at the croquet ground! Take your time to play – it’s fun and I really do not know where you will get the chance to play this game again. Once you feel you played enough, keep walking and you will discover the vegetable garden. It is something to really savour…the sight, the aroma, and the calmness of nature will remind you the basic of life and what mother nature offers you daily and how privileged we all are! The path of the garden takes you to the pool – relax under the umbrella or jump in!

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Why Dine in Langdon Hall?

The only two restaurants in Canada which made world’s top 100 list – do I have to say anything more?

The chef picks the fresh ingredient from the vegetable garden and you feel that great taste and aroma in the food in every bite and smell. The server is top class with enormous knowledge of  wine for perfect pairing! The ambience is cozy and romantic with dim lights, fireplace, and flower decor. The grand live piano is the olive on top of your Martini glass to make it perfect and classy!

Food is awesome, so you will win no matter what you pick but one item is a must to enjoy is their cheese selection. The server brings all their selection to you in a huge silver covered platter. He opens the cover and you smell the most exotic cheese of the world – it goes deep down in your breath! From Spain to Turkey, Canada to Australia – they have it all. He will explain you the cheese and you will feel like you are roaming the world and choosing it from the fresh farm.

You do not have to stay to enjoy the restaurant.

So, why stay in Langdon Hall?

Here is your top 5….

5. It’s grand, It’s awesome. And staying there is like taking your time to sip your glass of wine when you put your first BBQ on the grill with the arrival of spring. (also voted best hotel in Canada 3 years in a row)

4. You get to stay in a renovated stable (ask when you are booking)– where else you will get this experience? The room is decorated to your taste top to bottom for your comfort and luxury!

3. You stay, so that you can bike in the morning in this amazing property. You are done with your exercise for the day and then head straight to the spa!

2. You stay so that you are not driving home after a great dinner and few glasses of wine!

1. Most importantly, you stay to share the night with someone special.

Who to go with?

Your partner for celebrating your special day together.

Your Girlfriends for a girl’s weekend (spa is a must in that case).

Your family with kids just to get out of daily routine.

Is that all?

No, there is little more…and this is the best kept secret….In summer every Friday night, they host a BBQ in the backyard. This is by far the best BBQ I have ever enjoyed…There are tables with white linen on the grass, the summer lights are on the trees and the smoke is coming out of the BBQ…it is just magical! The chef is there by himself cooking and serving for you. They also invite a local Winery for wine pairing with the food. The variety of food is also something to say “wow”! There is something for everybody! They even do a special arrangement for vegetarians and vegans. It starts around five with daylight and you will find yourself in the dark with candle light – still sipping your drink, and savouring food, and  sharing the moment with loved ones!

Book early as they do get filled up pretty quickly!

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Still want to know more about the place? Some history? The next paragraph is for you then. For all others, if you want to stop reading here and start booking, here is the website for you.


History (taken from Langdon Hall website) – it does have an interesting twist!

In 1898, Eugene Langdon Wilks purchased this property.

Langdon and his wife Pauline hired an architect to design their new residence – Langdon Hall.

Langdon and Pauline Wilks spent their summers at Langdon Hall and winters abroad. Sadly, within a few years, Pauline developed cancer. The couple went to Europe in search of a cure. There, Pauline was attended by a Swiss nurse, Marguerite Briquet, but in spite of the best medical attention available, Pauline died in 1914 leaving no children.

In 1915, Langdon married Marguerite Briquet in France.

Eugene Langdon Wilks died in 1934. Marguerite Wilks died in 1961. Her daughter Catherine inherited Langdon Hall. Catherine and Garth Thomson lived at Langdon Hall until 1980. They sold the mansion in 1982 with about thirty surrounding acres.

In 1987, William Bennett and Mary Beaton purchased the property. William an architect, along with Mary, developed their dream of a Country House Hotel. Renovations took a year and a half to complete. Langdon Hall Country House Hotel opened in 1989.


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