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Is NOLA on your list?

I know we all have bucket list, places we want to see, places we want to immerse ourselves, places we want to visit and never come back. Is NOLA (New Orleans) on your list?

If not, I suggest, you include it and bump it up in your top 3. Why? Let me tell you….this naughty town has it all……the art, the culture, the shopping, the food, the drink, the architecture, the nightlife and on top of it all – the people.

I went, I fell in love and I want to go back again….I want every reader of this blog to feel the passion and after reading it go straight to internet to start the travel booking…falling in love with New Orleans is like falling in love with Denzel Washington when we first discovered him in “Mississippi Masala” or Salma Hayek in “Desperado”…it’s sexy but cozy and very close to heart…not sure where to start to entice you all…

Well…. let’s start with the food!

7 restaurants in 7 days!

Day 1: Bayona (French Quarter)

This lovely restaurant is at Dauphine street which is a lot quieter than any other nearby streets in the quarter…it has a lovely courtyard and very tempting entrance. A red scooter lies lazily in front of the vine-covered wall. Inside is also very artistic with hand painted pictures on the wall and lovely window art. The table is covered is white sheet artistically decorated with Chef’s signature. Chef Susan Spicer changes menu regularly. Not to miss is fried oyster with Shitake mushroom…yummy!

picture 1picture 2

Day 2: Cochon (Central Business District)

Cochon will absolutely thrill you with the ambience and the rich tasty food! It offers a fantastic ambiance where you can see chef’s preparing food in the wood oven and people around you are just happy to be here. The vibe of this restaurant is unmatched and food is like never tasted before. Chef Donald Link brings his best Cajun Culinary, which is worth multiple visits. The wood fire grilled oyster and baked whole fish is not something you can miss!

picture 3picture 4

Day 3: Commander’s Palace (Garden District)

Going to Commander’s Palace is a treat to yourself! This is something to remember, something to cherish, and something to look forward to do it again. It will wow you with your every possible senses….the white linen décor, the chandelier, the statues, the stairs to the second floor and the lovely garden! It’s a dress up event with the highest quality of food. The trio soup (Gumbo, Turtle, and Soup du jour) and Black skillet seared Gulf fish is not to miss!

picture 5picture 6

Day 4: Bacchanal (Baywater District)

When you first arrive, it might feel like a shack, well, wait a minute. Enter showing your ID, Choose your wine and cheese not paying a lot more than regular store and then kind of go through a maze to enter the backyard garden and then WOW yourself! The garden lights are on, the tiki flame is scattered through tropical plants and people are sitting around in a cozy informal patio chairs listening to live music! It’s a night you will never forget and will want the time to stop when you take the first sip of your wine….

picture 7picture 8

Day 5: Restaurant August (Central Business District)

This is Chef John Besh at his best! This one is not to miss – you will be able to taste Chef’s creativity of French cuisine with Sothern touch. The décor is gorgeous with dark wood and a lovely bar with careful placement of flower arrangement! The crispy fried oyster and breaded trout topped with shrimp, blue crab and wild mushroom is simply superb!

picture 9picture 10

Day 6: The Court of two sisters (French Quarter)

I can guarantee when you enter this restaurant you will agree that you have never seen more beautiful courtyard than this one! This is simply a living art drawn of artist’s canvass! Beautiful vines, cobbled stones, garden lights, tropical plants, French fountain and of course amazing food!

picture 11picture 12

Day 7: Gazebo Café (French Market)

Nice, casual, and fantastic! Great for sitting under the tree by the street after a long walk and watch people. Very informal and great service! Spice bloody Mary and fried alligator is not to miss!

picture 13picture 14

7 streets to walk (shopping or no shopping) in 7 days!

Day 1: Royal Street

A great walk! With antique shops on both sides of the street, it is absolutely fascinating for eyes! The local handcraft stores offer something unique to carry home for everyone. The paintings by local artist are also something to keep an eye on. They paint on everything – old doors, broken windows, hinges and they are unique in every aspect. Also, it has stores which offers tasting of Sothern’s best jam, sauce, spices – something definitely to taste, enjoy and pack for later.

pic 15pic 16

Day 2: Magazine Street

It is often called one of world’s best shopping streets! No big brand name though….just boutiques and vintages and it’s fantastic!

Day 3: Streets between Jackson and Washington

Take your time! This is where you do not want to hurry. Roam around and just enjoy Southern Architecture. Big houses, big windows, big gardens are standing tall. Big balconies boast the definition of grand, some has ceiling fans – it will definitely remind you old houses in North Kolkata. Every house is unique in it’s own way and it’s worth taking pictures of all of them!

pic 17pic 18

Day 4: Canal Street

This is a fun funky street with lots of souvenir stores, hotels, café and all! The best part is probably sitting in a café and watching people in different fun outfits, passing streetcars, and palm trees!

pic 19pic20

Day 5: French Market Place (Between Decatur street and North Peters Street)

This is a not to miss flea market- It’s in a shopping arcade and full of souvenirs, art, food, craft – basically anything and everything! It is packed but you can make your way and amaze yourself!

pic 21pic 22

Day 6: Jackson Square (Between St. Peters street and St. Ann Street)

One of the best squares in North America – I will say. The best part is the square is full of artist – painters, singers, musicians – you name it, they are all there. You will also find fortune teller, quick sketcher, buskers….I can guarantee you once you take your time, you will also find your favourite painter who you will fall in love with and will not come home without an original art.

pic 23pic 24

Day 7: Bourbon Street (Off course)

Yes, you have to visit Bourbon Street if you are in NOLA (probably more than once). It is crazy, funky, and it’s all night long! The bars are with colorful drinks and fried food. The street is naughty and for partiers who live in the moment and always have a never tomorrow feeling. It is something to enjoy even if you are not a crazy partier! Oh, did I mention you can have a to go drink and walk on the street?

pic 25pic 26

7 nights for music lovers:

Anywhere in Frenchman street…don’t miss Blue Nile!

7 nights for crazy parties and bars:

Bourbon Street (7 times)

Want a little bit quieter spot with best drink?

Tonique on North Rampart Street (you are still in Quarter)

Victory on Baronne Street (Central Business District)

You still have time or wondering what for kids?

Here you go…7 days for kids (and you of course):

  1. Jackson Square –St Louis Cathedral and Cabildo
  2. Any Cemetery (Lafayette in Garden district is my most favourite)
  3. Aquarium
  4. City Park (Yes, there are alligators)
  5. A river cruise on Mississippi
  6. National WWII museum
  7. Barataria Preserve

Where to stay?

Anywhere in the Quarter but Royal Street will be my first choice.

Canal Street is also very good as it has more hotels and choices. You do not need a car!

When to go?

My first choice is not during Mardi Gras but during Halloween. There are amazing parties and parades – kids will love it too. Here is top 7 times to visit Nola.

  1. Halloween (October)
  2. Mardi Gras (February)
  3. Crawfish festival (March/April)
  4. Jazz Fest (April/May)
  5. Nola Wine and Food festival (Late May)
  6. BBQ and Blues festival (October)
  7. PO-Boy festival (Nov)

For my investor friends…..

I know it’s already in your mind…you are just not asking…yes, it is a great place to invest, many cases a more bang for your buck than Florida. Some places in the quarter with great big courtyard are just too tempting to resist. The architecture and culture is hard to match. Still want a beach? Well…Biloxi in Mississippi is only one and half hour drive!

pic 27

Are you Packing now?


7 comments on “Is NOLA on your list?

  1. Hirak Bhattacharjee
    November 14, 2013


  2. Debopriya
    November 14, 2013

    Awesome…..it shows your love for that place….write more so we’ll enjoy reading

  3. Reshmi
    November 14, 2013

    Yeehaw girls trip baby!Nice to see u in wordpress!

  4. Sumit
    November 14, 2013

    A well written piece, certainly the French influence makes it a bit of an un American city….

  5. Sheeuli Banerjee
    November 15, 2013

    Thanks for sharing it Didhiti. It really sounds and looks interesting!

  6. Johnny Nge
    November 15, 2013

    Added NOLA on my list. Loving reading it!

  7. Chandana
    December 16, 2013

    A very well knitted detailing of information for a new place…after reading this definitely Nola is in my bag….:)
    Well Done Didhiti di….keep sharing…loved it..!!!

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